Chaz Bono: 65 lbs. Lost, "Feeling Really Good"

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Last month, Chaz Bono revealed that he had lost 60 pounds in about five months. The weight loss was due, Bono said, to the help of a doctor and a change in eating habits. The former Dancing With The Stars contestant stated that diets don't work for him, so he completely changed the foods he eats.

Now, one month later, Bono is down 65 pounds. According to an interview published in People magazine, Bono stated that he is "feeling really good" and really likes what he sees in the mirror, though he still misses some foods he can no longer eat. The 48-year old LGBT activist also said that he would like another chance to be on Dancing With The Stars, as he feels he would fare better in the competition with the weight off.

Bono also revealed that his health has improved as a result of the weight loss. He told People that he feels better in general when performing physical tasks and exercising. His blood pressure and cholesterol are now at normal levels, and his confidence is high.

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