Charlize Theron: Stalker Brings Flowers to Her Home, Police Arrest Him

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Charlize Theron received flowers Sunday afternoon--but everything wasn't coming up roses.

It seems a stalker longed to see Charlize Theron face to face, so he posed as a flower delivery person and showed up at her Hollywood Hills home.

The "delivery person" rang the buzzer at Theron's front gate and told her she had a floral delivery.

"Just leave them," Charlize told him, but the man refused to leave.

Charlize Theron called the police, and the flower delivery man was soon arrested for stalking.

Stalking is a very real crime and celebrities are often targeted. While some stalkers aren't violent, that certainly can't be the assumption.

In addition to Charlize Theron, Salma Hayek, Sandra Bullock, Miranda Cosgrove, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus have all been the victims of stalkers. Selena Gomez's stalker was charged with a felony for his crime.

"The relentless neurotic nature of the stalker can take the form of harassing their targets, calling them repeatedly, as well as sending letters and gifts. If these are ineffective, the individual may escalate to more intrusive behaviors such as spying on, and unexpectedly confronting their victims. Research tends to focus on how violating it is to bear the brunt of stalkers’ obsessions, but there is little to explain what exactly motivates the stalker, and further, how to therapeutically treat these offenders," Psychology Today reports.

Charlize Theron's stalker didn't cause her or her children any harm. Not everyone is that fortunate.

Hopefully once the man is released he doesn't bother Charlize Theron or anyone else again.

Kimberly Ripley
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