Charlie Sheen And Brett Rossi Engaged

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Everyone congratulate Charlie Sheen—He’s set to be a married man again!

The 48-year-old actor took his girlfriend Brett Rossi to Hawaii for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway this past weekend. Then, in true romantic fashion, Sheen asked Rossi to be wife number four.

Rossi happily accepted and the two are now set to live happily ever after.

"Yes! We are engaged! He even was a gentleman and got down on one knee," she said in an exclusive interview with E!

TMZ was also able to confirm the engagement and snap images of Rossi and her heart-shaped diamond ring.

But the porn actress apparently isn’t just getting a ring out of the deal. If gossip site Radar is to be believed, she will also be getting a stack of papers.

Sources close to Sheen say that the Anger Management actor is having a prenuptial agreement prepared “just in case”.

While the agreement will allegedly “be generous” to the Rossi, it’s clear that Sheen is prepared to protect his fortune in case the fourth time is anything but the charm.

At present Sheen is estimated to be worth over $125 million, with many more dollars on the way once his new show goes into syndication.

Rossi doesn’t seem to be bothered, having said to E!, “This is the happiest moment of both our lives. He's my best friend and my soulmate."

That’s actually really sweet. It almost makes you forget about the drama with Denise Richards and the brief marriage to Donna Peele.

Will these good feelings and marriage last or is Mrs. Sheen waiting just off stage to make her appearance?

I’m sure that bets are already being made. But given the time and effort that went into the surprise proposal, one does not have to be a total cynic.

Best wishes to Sheen and Rossi.

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