Character Customization Coming To Star Wars: The Old Republic


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Star Wars: The Old Republic was the subject of countless jokes and TORtantic memes last year after the game started to bleed subscribers. The MMO went free-to-play less than a year after launch, and now EA has to retain players while attracting new players to the game.

In April, the team at BioWare Austin added a number of features and items to the game. Some were microtransactions meant to give players more options in customization, but the real treat will be coming next month in the form of new character customization options. Players will soon be able to change their physical appearance and even their race.

The guys at BioWare are not in an enviable position right now. They have to keep EA and the new overlords at Disney happy. Both companies are currently in the process of killing off studios and games. ">The Old Republic may be next on the chopping block if it doesn't pick up some steam.