Channing Tatum Celebrates His 34th Birthday


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Channing Tatum, the hunky actor and recent father, celebrates his 34th birthday today! It's been a big year for Channing, as he's been working on two sequels for mega movies 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike. He and wife Jenna Dewan (his Step Up costar) welcomed daughter Everly last year (she turns one just a month after daddy). He also took home the Trailblazer Award at this year's MTV Movie Awards. As the award suggests, Channing's on fire!

Channing is also an Aries, also has an interesting horoscope for April: "Nobody would know from looking at you that you have grown a whole year older. Many must be noticing how much wiser and more mature you have become in your outlook. You will rise to your challenges brilliantly and will turn them all into opportunities."

Could one of those challenges be landing the role of Gambit in a new X-Men movie? Channing's been in talks with X-Men producer Shuler Donner about playing the New Orleans-based mutant: "Gambit is really the only X-Man I've ever loved," Channing admits. "I guess being down south - I just related to him. He's not even a hero. He's kind of walking the line of grey. He loves women and drinking and smoking and stuff so he's just a cool guy." Channing seems hopeful, but it's still up in the air. "I hope it [comes together]. You never know. I would die to play it. I'm already working on the accent."

Channing started his career back in 2000 as he was a dancer in music videos, which led to his breakthrough role in 2006's Step Up. Since then he's starred in dozen of movies, and has five more movies in this works this year alone. Here's to a happy 34th Channing, and many more!

Image via Wikimedia Commons