Champions League Results: Second Leg Predictions?


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Between the two semifinal matches played on Tuesday and Wednesday this week there has only been one goal. It was scored by Karim Benzema during the Real Madrid home game against Bayern Munich.

While both matches had their own unique forms of drama, the lack of goals sets the stage for some really tense clashes next week.

Bayern Munich Vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid got lucky. They won their home game and they defended against an away goal by the Bundesliga visitors.

Now they travel to Germany, where they hope to be able to win a decisive match against Bayern Munich.

Thus far, good teams with home field advantage have proven truly formidable. This may give Bayern Munich a slight edge over Real Madrid.

It’s highly likely that Real Madrid will get at least one away goal during this fixture. What they definitely don’t want is for it to go to a penalty shootout. The last time it did, it was the Real Madrid team that suffered the consequences.

Chelsea Vs Atlético Madrid

Both Atlético Madrid and Chelsea had serious blows to their second leg line-ups thanks to injuries and yellow card accumulation. This will require some meticulous planning on the parts of the managers of both teams.

Jose Mourinho will have to be especially careful as he is set to face Liverpool FC over the weekend. It is a match-up that could pull Chelsea back into the title race, but only if the Portuguese manager takes it seriously.

There is talk that Mourinho will likely field a “B Team” at Anfield and save his best players for their second leg game against Atletico Madrid.

But nothing is certain. Should Chelsea go to Anfield and play an intense weekend match up, it could cost them the second leg.

How Atlético Madrid will fare may come down what team is sent out against Liverpool.

When the first leg of Champions League matches are dull affairs, this typically sets the stage for high drama. With only one game left to play beyond this stage, there are no do-overs. It’s likely that all four teams will give everything they have in hopes of getting to the final.

My prediction for the last two teams? I have a feeling we might be getting a Madrid derby after all!

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