Chad Ochocinco Wants to Get Rid of Farmville

Fast Company has an interview with none other than Chad Ochocinco, receiver ...
Chad Ochocinco Wants to Get Rid of Farmville
Written by Chris Crum
  • Fast Company has an interview with none other than Chad Ochocinco, receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals who makes as much of an impact on online pop culture as he does on the football field (perhaps more so). He wants to get rid of Farmville.

    ComputerWorld reports on a new Apple hire, Benjamin Vigier. The hiring, CW blogger Jonny Evan says, confirms that the iPhone 5 will be the "iWallet".

    There’s an interesting piece at MacWorld about how smartphones are on the verge of becoming more powerful as chip makers ready dual-core chips for them. Agam Shah with IDG News Service writes, "Phone makers haven’t officially announced plans to put dual-core chips in smartphones, but the chip makers are getting ready. Qualcomm has already shipped its first dual-core processor, the MSM8660, and is due to start sampling a faster dual-core chip, the QSD8672, later this year. Texas Instruments is scheduled to ship a dual-core chip, the OMAP4430, later this year, and it could reach devices early next year."

    Webmaster Central Has a New Video Sitemaps Post Google has a noteworthy post about video sitemaps and understanding location tags at the Google Webmaster Central Blog. 

    Owen Thomas of VentureBeat in a NYT piece reports that Facebook’s Monica Keller, an open standards advocate has left the company for SocialCast. Thomas notes this is a blow to Facebook’s reputation for technological openness.

    Best Buy has reportedly sent  a Wisconsin Priest a cease-and-desist letter for driving around a car looking like the company’s "Geek Squad" vehicles, that says "God Squad". (via Slashdot)

    According to Andy Greenberg at Forbes, a single hack infected five million individual websites. He speaks of an incident revealed in which a collection of sites invisibly attempted to download malware to users’ PCs as a result of a widget compromised by hackers.

    A man named Philip Markoff, who was facing murder charges related to Craigslist, has apparently killed himself, CNN reports.

    Market research firm Interpret shared findings from a study, indicating that there is little correlation between filesharing and consumers cutting back on spending. "The good news for content creators and providers is that the struggling economy does not appear to have increased filesharing," said Interpret CEO Michael Dowling.

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