Chad Ochocinco Uses Social Media To Find Boston Roommate

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The NFL is just about upon us -- preseason starts tomorrow night -- and one of the bigger stories going into the 2011-12 season is the trade of outspoken wide receiver Chad "Don't Call me Johnson" Ochocinco to the New England Patriots. The reaction to the trade is a story in and of itself. Will the flamboyant player mesh with the conservative, by-the-book coach, and a button-downed franchise? Will Ochocinco give Tom Brady the necessary deep threat, etc, etc.

However, the story of interest, at least in relation to Internet-related news, has to do with Ochocinco's offer to stay with a New England Patriots fans for the first few weeks of the season, as he acclimates himself to his new city. Ochocinco is a prolific Twitter user, and, naturally, he made his intentions known there:

I'm picking a season ticket holder and staying with them until I find a place here. RT @JefJarrett: @ochocinco Are you staying in Foxboro? 7 days ago via Seesmic · powered by @socialditto

Normally, especially when you consider Chad's (to avoid typing the ridiculous last name anymore) Twitter history, that post could and probably should be overlooked as more Twitter shenanigans, but in this case, you'd be wrong. There's even a news report video:

It should be noted that Chad is engaged to Evelyn Lozada, the lady who accompanies him in the lead image, courtesy of Jose3030. One wonders if Lozada will be shacking up with the new roommates. A quick glance at her personal site would lead one to believe she's above hanging around a couple of guys who will probably be living like college roommates. From Pro Football Talk:

The criteria [for the roommate] hasn't been identified, but the mandatory requirements are simple. “I’m not sure how it’s going to work, but they have to have Internet and have to have Xbox,” Ochocinco said. “That’s about it.”

Considering Chad's love for McDonald's, there will probably be a lot of fast food consumption, too. That doesn't sound like the kind of an environment a woman who appeared on Basketball Wives would be accustomed to.

Regardless of Chad's intentions for staying with a Patriots fan--camaraderie, reaching out to the people that make all that money-making possible; he's even made t-shirts for the occasion--his decision hasn't gone over well with everyone in the media, including Skip Bayless. See for yourself:

@RealSkipBayless Skip shut up!I don't care what u or anyone else thinks.U haven't figured that out after all these years? Save ur oxygen!!! 1 hour ago via Seesmic · powered by @socialditto

@ochocinco: I NEEDED oxygen after you announced your silly stunt yesterday. I'VE BEEN DEFENDING YOU! Made me look like a fool. Please, child 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

@RealSkipBayless you've always hated so keep hating,I don't want u to defend me,u were given a platform to hate,continue 2 do so .Thank you 1 hour ago via Seesmic · powered by @socialditto

@ochocinco: So now you WANT me to "hate"? OK, you're a disgrace to the Patriot Way. Your self-promoting behind will be cut by Oct. Thank U! 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Can't we all just get along? More to the point, what's the big deal about Chad staying with a Boston Patriots fan for a few weeks? Does it somehow make a mockery of fan/player relationship Bayless seems so hellbent on defending? Whatever the case, social media and outspoken athletes go together like bees and honey.