CES 2012: Dragon TV Changes The Way You Watch TV

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Voice recognition has moved beyond a fad and is becoming more mainstream. Next stop is your TV.

Naunce, developers of the Dragon voice recognition software for the PC, are debuting at CES their new Dragon TV service. It allows users to navigate their televisions using only their voice.

Nuance estimates that 1.6 billion TVs will be connected to the internet by 2014 and they want a piece of the pie. They want to make it easier to find what’s on as they find current remote controls to be too hard to navigate with. Dragon TV offers a new technology that allows consumers to easily find what they are looking for while maybe even finding something new.

A few examples that they offer include, “Go to PBS,” or “Find comedies with Vince Vaughn.” While I question their choice in comedies, it’s an impressive technology that would revolutionize the way we watch TV.

Smart TVs offer more than just television by incorporating social media and messaging systems into the package. Nuance isn’t missing a beat by incorporating Dragon TV into this aspect as well by allowing consumers to use the service for hands free control. The provided example is “Call John via Skype.” Once again, removing the remote control out of the picture and letting your voice do the talking is an extremely inviting proposal.

Dragon TV is flexible enough to be integrated into pretty much all connected TVs and devices. It’s also robust enough to take advantage of all the current features of smart TVs and similar devices.

Dragon TV main feature suite is all about taking advantage of current smart TV standards like application control and internet messaging. The best feature is definitely the software’s ability to pick out the user’s voice out of all the potential other noise in the room. This would make it easy to control the TV even during a viewing party.

"Traditional search on televisions is tedious and amazingly outdated," Mike Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of Nuance Mobile, said. "Dragon TV brings an amazing voice experience, similar to what people do everyday on their phones and in their cars, directly to the living room."

Amazingly enough, Dragon TV is available now and supports all major TVs, set-top boxes and application platforms including Linux, Android and iOS.