Celebrating Mirror's Edge 2 With POV Parkour


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So this is pretty awesome. What we have is a short film shot with a point-of-view camera, with the actor doing some pretty slick Parkour around the city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. While Parkour and POV cameras go together like peas and carrots, when you add the some themes from the game Mirror's Edge, the result is something that's, well, pretty damn awesome. Just ask Scott Bass and Neil Cointet, who created and posted a video of Cointet running around jumping over walls, buildings, and any other obstacle that gets in his way.

As indicated, Cointet has a POV camera on his head, and the clothes he's wearing looks awfully similar to the items worn by the Mirror's Edge protagonist, Faith. Have a look for yourself:

Of course, the big difference between Mirror's Edge and this video is Cointet is really doing these stunts, which, despite the popularity for ME, the edge goes to actor with the POV camera on. Over at the video's page, the crew makes sure to profess their love for Mirror's Edge, saying the sequel announcement was all the motivation they needed to make their video:

We're massive fans of Mirror's Edge, and are always getting comments and comments saying 'Wow this is like real life Mirrors Edge'. Well EA/DICE recently announced Mirrors Edge 2, and out of excitement we decided to put together this POV video! If it does well, we've got some plans for a second one!

Concerning the video's performance, while it's viral legs are still growing, making it to the front page of reddit's Gaming section should help a great deal, provided it stays long enough to catch everyone's attention.

For those who like counting anomalies, by YouTube's count, the video has only amassed 1071 views as of this writing. There are, however, over 1300 likes for it (as opposed to only 7 dislikes), meaning YouTube's counter still doesn't update in real time.

[Lead image via the Mirror's Edge official site]