Ceglia's Lawyers Ask to Quit Facebook Ownership Case


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Another set of lawyers has asked to quit representation of Paul Ceglia in his ongoing claim that he is the true owner of Facebook. The lawyers at the high profile firm of Milberg LLP, joined in Ceglia's fight only three months ago, now they want out.

This is the ninth law firm to give up on Ceglia, but this number includes firms that never formally appeared in court. By most accounts, this is the fourth law firm to abandon him after undergoing at least some court proceedings.

“The revolving door of lawyers is yet additional evidence that this abusive lawsuit is a hoax and a fraud,” Orin Snyder, one of Facebook’s attorneys, said in a statement.

Ceglia's claim lies on the fact that he hired Zuckerberg in 2003 to work on a project called Streetfax.com. Ceglia claims that Zuckerberg signed the rights to Facebook over to him during this time. A forensics team has since proved that these documents are fraudulent.

Ceglia has been met with one setback after another in his claim to Facebook riches. In Febraury the court ordered him to pay Facebook over $76,000 in legal fees for introducing fraudulent contracts. Early he was found in contempt of court for not producing personal e-mail addresses when ordered.

Ceglia is still being represented by his original lawyer, Paul Argentieri, and Dean Boland, who joined in October.

Boland claims that Milberg still believes in the case, leaving only because they no longer agreed on the way to handle it: “They firmly believe in the evidence and the credibility of the case,” Boland said to Buffalo News. “They simply thought it was best for Paul that they no longer serve as a distraction.”

Ceglia keeps plugging on, despite setback after setback. One wonders what the final nail in coffin will be.

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