CBS President Expresses Interest In Hulu Plus


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Although there are no guarantees, the president and CEO of CBS has indicated that he might finally allow some of his network's content to be shown by Hulu.  The interesting catch: it's actually the premium service Hulu Plus with which Leslie Moonves wants to deal.

At a Goldman Sachs conference, Moonves reasoned according to Joseph Tartakoff, "It makes a lot more sense to us than Hulu does. . . .  It's something that you could see us participate in [in] the future."

That would create an interesting situation, suggesting that CBS's content is more valuable than what ABC, Fox, and NBC produce.  Which ABC, Fox, and NBC might not appreciate, especially if it meant more money for CBS.

HuluOn the other hand, the addition of content from CBS might make Hulu Plus more attractive to potential users, allowing all of Hulu's backers to earn additional revenue if/when they signed up.

We'll see what happens.  It's very much possible Moonves will shelve the idea, anyway, rendering this speculation moot.

An unrelated programming note: Twitter and William Shatner fans may want to know that $#*! My Dad Says will premiere at 8:30 tonight on CBS.