CBS Broken Leg Replay Banned on TV, "No Problem" Online

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CBS was broadcasting the NCAA Tournament Midwest Regional final between Louisville and Duke on Sunday when Louisville player Kevin Ware suffered one of the most gruesome injuries ever seen in college basketball. As Ware jumped to block a three point shot he landed poorly, snapping his tibia (shin) bone in half.

CBS replayed the event twice in the immediate aftermath, but then placed a ban on showing the footage any further. Sean McManus, chairman of CBS Sports told the Associated Press that the decision not to replay the footage further was an easy one, as the injury can be seen using DVRs or the internet. He went on to say that he has seen how popular the footage is on YouTube, and has "no problem with that."

With that statement in mind, and to satisfy the morbid curiosity in all of us, the replay of Kevin Ware's injury is embedded below. The footage is from quite a distance, but the event is still very cringe-worthy:

For those who are still curious, a close-up of Ware's injury (the un-cropped version of the photo at the top of this story) can be viewed at the following link. Be aware, though, that the injury is quite disturbing, and probably NSFW:

Kevin Ware's injury

Ware is reported to already be back on his feet, with crutches. Ware has been tweeting his thanks for all the well-wishes he has received and even tweeted a picture of his leg in its current state:

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