Cassidy Gifford, Brother Cody Gifford Remember Their Late Father

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Cassidy Gifford and older brother Cody Gifford broke their silence in recent days about the sudden passing of their dad Frank Gifford.

In an interview with People magazine, alongside mom Kathie Lee Gifford, Cody and Cassidy Gifford dished on both their love for their dad and the devastating loss they are grieving.

"For 22 years I was blessed with an incredible man to not just call my father, but also my friend," Cassidy Gifford, who is 22. "So though I selfishly may want 22 more, my gratitude far outweighs my sadness."

It was just this past June that Cassidy Gifford, shared her thoughts on a very energetic Frank Gifford.

"My dad is almost 85, the sharpest thing on the planet," The Gallows star said at the time. "He actually can do more on the computer than my mom can. He's super savvy.

Cassidy also dished on the relationship her dad shared with mom Kathie Lee Gifford.

"When I come home, there's not a second that I don't hear the two of them cracking up downstairs," she said in June. "So much sometimes that I'm asleep, and I have to ask them to be quiet because they're laughing their butts off."

Cody Gifford, 25, was a bit more introspective in his thoughts about his late father.

"The great [New York Giants co-owner] Wellington Mara once called dad 'the son any father would love to have and the father any son would be proud to have,'" he said. "He was right. God blessed me beyond words."

"I will always be able to call that legend not only my dad, but the kindest, most generous human being I have ever had the privilege of knowing," Cassidy added.

Cody and Cassidy Gifford will long grieve the sudden loss of Frank Gifford. Fortunately they have not only mom Kathie Lee Gifford, but also the example of her strong Christian faith to help carry them through these days of profound grief.

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