Cartoon Network Brings Back The Classics With Cartoon Planet


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Cartoon Network, where have you gone? Besides the launch of fantastic series like Adventure Time and Regular Show, you are largely off the mark. You have lost some of your best talent (i.e. Craig McCracken). You're pushing subpar live-action content like Level Up. To add insult to injury, you got rid of Toonami.

This all paints a rather bleak picture of the network, but they seem to have finally listened to the fans. Cartoon Network, starting this Friday, will start a new block called Cartoon Planet. The point of the block is to air the old cartoons that made Cartoon Network famous.

What makes this really special is that the segment will be hosted by long time fan favorites Zorak and Brak. You may remember these two from the original Space Ghost cartoon who then migrated to Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, which them culminated in the excellent and under-appreciated The Brak Show.

The question though is what cartoons are they airing? All the classics are mentioned like The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab and Cow & Chicken. Unfortunately, some of their newer content is along for the ride like the mostly disappointed Chowder and Spongebob rip-off Flapjack. It's sad that Courage the Cowardly Dog isn't mentioned by name, but I guess I'm the only person who thinks that was the best show to air on Cartoon Network over the years.

The show starts this Friday at 8 p.m. and continues to 9 p.m. The programming block this week includes some of the best episodes from the shows they're drawing from. The episodes airing this Friday are:

Cow and Chicken “Happy Meat”
The Powerpuff Girls “Meet The Beat Alls”
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends “Sight for Sore Eyes”
Johnny Bravo “Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West”
Dexter’s Laboratory “Star Spangled Sidekicks”

You can check out the promo for the new programming block below. It's a good first step back to the Cartoon Network we know and love. Now get more Adventure Time out and we'll call it even for introducing the world to Level Up.

[h/t: HuffPost]