Carrie Underwood: "Storyteller" Not Full Of "Mommy Music"

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Carrie Underwood was quick to get back to the studio after giving birth to her baby boy, Isaiah, earlier this year.

However, she assured fans that her new album, Storytellers, wouldn't be full of mommy music despite her new life as a mom.

For that, fans of Carrie Underwood will likely be grateful and maybe even a little shocked.

Carrie Underwood is no doubt a very busy woman, but her baby is her world. Just like any normal mom, no matter what she is doing, her kid comes first.

But, Carrie Underwood is working hard to strike a balance.

She told CMT recently, “I kinda think people in some ways expected me to write a whole album of mommy music, and I hope they’re not disappointed that that didn’t happen.”

Oh, just playing my piano in my blazer in the yard...

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I'm sure they won't be, for the most part. I mean, who likes listening to someone else talk about their kid all the time?

However, that's not to say there aren't any songs on the new album that were inspired by the life-changing event in Carrie Underwood's life.

My boys...checking out the world through the bus window.

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She said, “I mean he gets his moment, and if that’s kind of where we’re headed — obviously you use your own personal experiences to insert into your writing.”

She then clarified, saying, “He gets his moment on the album, and that’s kind of it, you know what I mean? I didn’t write thirteen tracks of mom songs.”

Oh, mom songs. The great unappreciated genre.

Carrie Underwood is regaining her laser focus just in time to help headline the Stagecoach Country Music Festival coming up this spring.

The festival, which is a really big deal in the world of country music, was dominated last year by the men.

But, this year Carrie Underwood is breaking through to be a main attraction.

Other headliners for this year's festival include Eric Church and Luke Bryan. Talk about playing with the big boys!

Carrie Underwood's Storytellers will be released October 23rd. Are you grateful for the lack of mommy music on the album or were you looking forward to hearing it?

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