Carrie Underwood Gets Big Gift from Miranda Lambert

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Carrie Underwood got a pretty amazing gift from fellow singing sensation Miranda Lambert. So what is it that one country music star bestowed upon the other? Even though no one actually knows the reason why, it seems Blake Shelton's wife bought Carrie Underwood a brand new motorcycle. Maybe he'll share with his fans on the next season of The Voice exactly what prompted Miranda to do such a thing.

Probably the most humorous thing about the gift and its giving is that Underwood doesn't know a thing about how to ride a motorcycle. It does look as though she's more than willing to learn, however.

The two ladies just finished recording a song together for Miranda Lambert's upcoming album, and they actually performed it--Something Bad--at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards just a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe this motorcycle was a thank you to Carrie from Miranda for collaborating on the song?

That's a heck of a thank you gift.

Carrie Underwood recently shared an Instagram photo of herself along with pal Miranda Lambert prior to their incredible duet at the Billboard Music Awards. She captioned the photo, "Somethin' bad about to happen... @OfficialBBMAs @mirandalambert #CountryMusicRocks"

Both of the country music stars have already embraced their motorcycle senses of style. When they performed Something Bad, each wore leather clothing that brought out their sexy motorcycle chick alter egos.

Can't you just see Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert heading down the road--bandannas tied around their heads--rocking leather chaps and vests? Don't you imagine they'd have throngs of followers as they did so--both motorcycle enthusiasts as well as those driving cars?

Miranda Lambert's new album comes out on June 3rd. Something Bad is on it. Do you sense a music video on motorcycles in the near future?

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