Carrie Ann Inaba Talks DWTS Finale


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The question on everyone's mind...who will be the winner of the 17th season of Dancing with the Stars? The first part of the two-part finale aired last night on ABC. The second part will air tonight and the winner will be announced.

During a recent interview with, Carrie Ann Inaba talked about the final four contestants and described the competition as having "two completely different types of competitors."

"I think we have two completely different types of competitors," Inaba said. "We have Corbin and Amber, who are in one class. And then you have Jack and Bill, who are totally of a different class. I think it's really interesting the way the fans have voted. I think people are really a fan of the whole idea of somebody who doesn't know how to dance really making the transformation, which is what Jack and Bill fall into."

Inaba also talked about the person to beat on the show...Bill Engvall. Throughout the season, Engvall's fans voted to keep him in the competition, even when he received lower scores than the other dancers.

"I think we've gone back to what the heart of the show is, which makes me really proud of our viewers," Inaba says. "They remember what the show was about when we first started, which was taking people who didn't know dancing and transforming them into dancers. I think that it's really nice to see people voting that way. ... People like watching people that they can relate to [and] they're rewarding somebody who's just going for it, gung ho, not afraid, and sometimes making a fool out of himself. But he's having a great time and he's doing it the way it should be done, which is all in good spirits and all in good fun."

However, last night just was not Engvall's night, as he left the competition, leaving only three to fight for the trophy. The final three contestants were revealed and are Jack Osbourne, Amber Riley, and Corbin Bleu.

"Well, it just goes to prove to me that there is a God because I couldn't make one more dance," said Bill. "I can't tell you how proud I am of Emma. She's like my second daughter now -- we just had a blast." He thanked the judges and then made a special point of thanking his wife, Gail, who was in the audience every week. "I will never forget this -- and thanks to the fans who voted this long."

Tune in to ABC tonight for the crowning of the new winner.

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