Caroline Wozniacki Prompts Lesson in Oversharing

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Caroline Wozniacki, Danish tennis star and girlfriend (for now) of Irish golfer, Rory McIIroy, tweeted an embarrassing shot back in September of her sleeping sweetheart that rocked the social media world and taught us all a lesson on the risks of oversharing.

This bit of bad judgement on her part has led to rumors of a split, although Wozniacki denies it whole-heartedly. She told Danish magazine Ekstra Bladet on Monday, “I’m so tired of the rumors. They occur every time Rory and I are apart a few days or do not write on Twitter. There is nothing in it, and from now on I just think that I will keep my private life private. It is so annoying that the media and the so-called sources constantly spread the rumors. They write just what they want."

I don't know. That's pretty embarrassing. If you read the comments following the post, you'll see that there are many "embarrassed for him" type statements. This kind of oversharing that we see quite a bit of, makes me wonder just how much it too much? Especially if you are in a tender, fledgling relationship?

Yahoo Shine asked this question of Julie Spira, online dating expert and author of “The Rules of Netiquette”, and she had this to say, “It’s wrong to post a picture of someone without permission. Not everyone is on the same digital page,” she added that Wozniacki should have shown the snap to McIlroy and asked if he minded her tweeting it to the world, “Everything now is in-the-moment—capture the moment, post and share it. She might have thought it was an innocent thing, but I wouldn’t be happy either. She should take it down.”

It's so true. You know you have that one (or twenty) friend that shares WAY too much about their time with their significant other. Julia says, “You should ask things like, ‘How do you feel about posting photos of us as a couple?’ Also, don’t do a kiss-and-tell unless you get permission from your significant other. Not everyone shares the same amount, and not everyone uses social media in the same way.”

Can you imagine if everyone followed this rule? Facebook might crash, wouldn't have to surf through fifty shots of your friends husbands sleeping with their babies (seriously, only one of those will get the point across that their husbands are great dads), or countless shots of people's dogs (since they can't give permission), or sleeping boyfriends. That would be so awesome.

As for a budding couple, social media rules and decisions are best tackled together, Spira says. “Like relationship status. Should you have one? Should you change it? It’s not a unilateral decision. It’s a decision best made together.”

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