Carmen Dell'Orefice, World's Oldest Supermodel, Graces Cover Of "New You"

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Carmen Dell'Orefice, 83, covers the new issue of New You magazine, which targets women in their retirement years.

Carmen Dell'Orefice holds the title of the world's oldest working supermodel, and she is still worthy! At 5'9", she towers over most women and looks just as beautiful on the cover of New You as she looked 25, 50, even 70 years ago.

Her career has spanned that long, but she says that she has done more work in the last 25 years than ever before.

Carmen Dell'Orefice thinks it's because she didn't really have any way to stand out before.

"I had a very respectable career but I didn't have a specific look," said Carmen Dell'Orefice. "I was a chameleon."

"Fortunately, there was always somebody who knew I was good when I showed up, was responsible, not temperamental, and could do the job well."

She added, “Today I am in a territory that business considers unmarketable: age and white hair. Slowly, however, I started to own that territory little by little because I stood up for age.”

That made her sort of a spokesmodel for the aging generation, which is a great thing for her.

As the average age that women live continues to go up, the target audience for publications and their advertisers gets older.

Even at 83, Carmen Dell'Orefice looks phenomenal. She credits her still-gorgeous figure to her naturally high metabolism. Yep, she's one of those.

Even though she loves to eat, especially ice cream, she has never had trouble with her weight.

Carmed Dell'Orefice said, “I could have gotten into trouble with food in my lifetime because I love to eat, but I was given a free pass because I metabolize food well.”

She added, “I’ve had my issues with ice cream when I was younger. Friends will open my freezer today and say, ‘My God, who eats all this ice-cream?’ It stays frozen just in case. That is my money in the bank. It gives me a feeling of security. One would think clothes would do it for me — but no, it’s ice cream.”

What an amazing career Carmen Dell'Orefice has enjoyed!

What do you think of Carmen Dell'Orefice's New You cover?

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