Carmageddon Studio Kickstarts a Sequel

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Do you miss driving your car up onto the sidewalk and mowing down pedestrians? If you answered yes, you will be excited to learn the the original game studio that designed the cult classic Carmageddon will be creating another sequel - as long as it gets a Kickstart. The studio, which is still independent, is asking the public for $400,000 to ensure that Carmageddon: Reincarnation will become a reality.

The Kickstarter page for Carmageddon: Reincarnation states that Stainless Games, the game developer, recently re-acquired all of the rights to the Carmageddon property. Now, the studio hopes fans of the original game will help the studio finish the game. From the Kickstarter page:

We’re a modest-sized indie developer (around 50 trapped souls), and we've already invested well over a third of a million dollars getting the rights back and beginning design and prototyping. This represents all of our profits from our other work - but we think it's worth it. We currently have a small team working on the project - but without some sort of dedicated funding, that can’t continue indefinitely. We can't put this game into full production without a sizeable team dedicated to it. So we need a pile of CASH to get the game made. Or more chocolate and nicer cake. But CASH is more likely to work, to be perfectly honest.

Judging by the Kickstarter page, which is a bit silly, it seems as if Stainless Games is very excited to have back the property that put them on the map. It states on the page that the studio is reluctant to give up any creative control of Reincarnated to investors or a publisher, hence the crowdsourcing. The game will be released on Valve's Steam platform, and the scope and amount of content in the game will be based on how much the studio raises from the Kickstarter campaign.

People who pledge $15 or more will receive a copy of the completed game and those who pledge $25 get beta access to the game and membership on the official Steam Community game discussion forum. Those who pledge more can receive various swag from the developer, receive special downloadable content, have their image placed into the game as a doomed pedestrian, or even fly to England for the game's launch party. Check out the Kickstarter video below and leave a comment letting us know what you think a Carmageddon sequel should be.

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