Cargo-Bot, First App Developed Solely On An iPad, Is Ready To Play

Josh WolfordDeveloper & Design

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Call it an app of the iPad, by the iPad, for the iPad - Cargo-Bot has just hit iTunes and is available to download for free.

Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game that has you "teach a robot how to move crates." Sounds fun, I guess. But even if the game (which I haven't played yet, could be spectacular) isn't one of the greatest of all time, it will live on in history for another reason: it was "prototyped, programmed, and polished" entirely on the iPad.

The game comes to us from Two Lives Left, who used their own Codea app to make Cargo-Bot. Codea is a coding app that "lets you create games and simulation, or just about any visual idea you have."

It’s the first game of its kind, prototyped, programmed and polished on iPad. Cargo-Bot was created by Rui Viana, a Codea user who developed his initial prototype and shared it with the Codea community. Two Lives Left reached out to Rui in order to turn his prototype into a published App Store game. They also enlisted the aid of Fred Bogg, a composer who developed a music library for Codea, to create the music for Cargo-Bot.

Viana is an MIT grad, and Cargo-Bot is his first iOS app.

Check it out below:

Retina optimized graphics, puzzles, and truly native to the iPad. Can't wait to get home any try this one out for myself. How about you?

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