Cards Against Humanity Has a New Web App, So You Can Retire Your Old, Sticky Cards

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If your actual Cards Against Humanity cards are warped and sticky from spilling one too many Miller High Lifes all over them at parties (and really, whose aren't?), you'll be pleased to know that you can now play the game online – no physical cards required.

You don't even need to physical presence of another human being, really. Cards Against Humanity is now easier than ever to play.

Designer Dawson Whitfield has created Cards Against Originality, a browser-based web app that lets anyone play the game free of charge. Anyone can print and use the Cards Against Humanity cards – the creators wanted it that way – so you don't have to worry about this being shut down.

The game works for anyone with a computer, smartphone, or tablet, across all platforms. All you have to do is create a new game and you'll generate an unique link to send to all your friends – that'll automatically place them in the right game.

From there it's basic CAH. You have your hand of white cards, which you can drag and play on top of the black cards. When it's your turn to be the judge, just click on the deck to draw a black card. You see the white cards roll in and all you have to do is drag and drop the winning card.

In a way, it's a even better method that physical play because it completely eliminates any shenanigans. You have no way of picking a specific card based on who played it. Of course, some might say it's not as fun without the actual cards. I get it. But this is a pretty cool way to play if you a) don't have the full set and five expansions (this does) or b) forgot them at home.

If you want to stop working and start playing immediately, that's cool. But do know the site may take a second to load. It appears the internet has given this thing a great big smothering hug.

Josh Wolford
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