Cards Against Humanity Gives $70,000 of Holiday Pack Profit to Wikipedia

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There are plenty of reasons to love the guys behind the popular party game Cards Against Humanity. First, the game itself is awesome and probably one of the most-fun party games to come out in recent memory. It's like playing Apples to Apples but every card you get in Cards Against Humanity is like the coveted "Adolf Hitler" and "Helen Keller" cards in A2A.

Second, they release expansion packs and let players pay what they want for them. A wonderful thing to do, obviously, because it allows people to experience the game without breaking the bank. Letting people, who are usually pretty stingy by nature, set their own price point over the internet is a dangerous thing to do. But the folks at CAH did it with this year's Holiday expansion pack.

And finally, because they gave all of their profits from the that venture to the Wikimedia Foundation.

According to CAH, they sold around 85,000 of the holiday card sets. The average price paid was $3.89. Almost 20% of people chose to be a Grinch and pay $0. Over 57% paid $5 for the set. A majority of those sales came on December 3rd. When it comes to which states paid the most on average, it goes Wyoming, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, and Virginia.

Stats aside, CAH is reporting that they collected $295,828 in sales on a total cost of production of $225,762. And that $70,000 of profit is going straight to Wikipedia.

CAH makes a point to explain that the money is going to Wikipedia, despite the fact that $70,000 could buy 1,000 liters of fresh boar sperm. You know, if they wanted to. Or a condom for every man, woman, and child in El Paso, Texas.

"Instead of buying these things, we decided to donate the profits from out holiday packs to charity. We've made a $70,066.27 contribution to the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia. Wikipedia is very important to us because without it we would not have known the exact volume of a dose of fresh boar sperm of graduated college," they say.

In response, Jimmy Wales issued a __________ on __________.

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