Canseco To Play Again In Texas Starting This Week

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Jose Canseco has been out of the game for a while, but he's anxious to get back in (as anyone who's been following his Twitter feed will know). As of Thursday, he'll get his wish.

The former Bash Brother will begin his stint with the Fort Worth Cats as a player and a coach. The first game, coincidentally, will be against Edinburg, which is managed by his brother Ozzie.

“I am excited to come to Fort Worth and mentor the young ballplayers,” Canseco said in a statement. “I love Dallas/Fort Worth and I can’t wait to go up against Ozzie.”

Canseco fell out of the spotlight a bit after a much-publicized bout with steroids and has been using his time out of the Major Leagues to pursue other interests--like writing for Vice Magazine--and to gain a following on Twitter, where he posts gems about his life and future goals.

It's unclear if Canseco will continue on his new path in Fort Worth after this season, but fans are sure to fill the seats once word gets out that the former Oakland A's hitter will be on the field again.

Amanda Crum
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