Candy Spelling Talks Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

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Candy Spelling has reportedly reached out to the media via a rep to deny some things her son-in-law--Tori Spelling's husband Dean McDermott--recently said. Dean was interviewed by Access Hollywood in the past few days, during which he was asked if Candy ever shared any of her late husband Aaron Spelling's estate with Tori.

"In my recovery, all I can be is honest and no. No. There's no financial help," Dean said. This was during the same interview when he revealed he is leaving his and Tori Spelling's Lifetime series True Tori.

Candy Spelling wasn't having it, however. Her rep went straight back to Access Hollywood with the following.

"Candy has provided financial help in the past and has offered repeatedly to pay for the children's private schooling and Tori has never told her where to send the money," her rep said in a statement.

"We see [Candy] about eight times a year--holidays and kids' birthdays," Dean McDermott said of his mother-in-law during the interview.

The rep countered this statement as well.

"Candy reaches out often to see them and unfortunately Tori and Dean are not often responsive," the rep said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

Does it sound like there's even more dysfunction in the Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott family than plays out on True Tori? As if there isn't more than an abundance of ridiculousness on their reality show, it certainly sounds like a fair amount plays out in real life as well.

It's no secret that Tori Spelling was much closer to her late dad, Aaron Spelling, that to her mom, Candy Spelling. But come on, people. Let's be adults here. There are kids involved in the middle of a marriage that has all but disintegrated--and it's being played out on reality TV.

Do you think Candy Spelling's statements made via her rep are truthful ones or is she simply trying to improve her image--one that Dean McDermott clearly tried to decimate--in the public eye?

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