Candace Cameron Talks About Her Faith On DWTS

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Some might say with all of the gossip, mean-talk, and snarkiness that you seen on TV these days, it's nice when someone expresses something genuine and heartfelt, even if others don't believe in the same thing.

That's what some are saying today after Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) contestant, Candace Cameron Bure, made a spiritual proclamation during the show.

Right before her and dance partner, Mark Ballas, began their routine, Cameron Bure stated that her faith means everything to her and it's what drives her daily decisions both personally and professionally.

"I'm a Christian," she said. "My life revolves around my relationship with Jesus Christ, so with the overall tone of the dance and the costumes I'm not going to take a backseat. My voice will definitely be heard."

As she made the statement, you could hear the DWTS audience cheering in the background, which must of made Cameron Bure feel good, because sometimes people seem to be annoyed whenever a person expresses their faith, especially when celebrities do so.

Often times you'll hear somebody saying something like "Oh no, here that person goes again trying to force their religion on me. Why can't she just shut up and keep her beliefs to herself."

But a lot of times a devout person is merely expressing their excitement about their belief system, because they're truly content and happy, not because they're trying to force their spiritual opinion on you.

Plus, plenty of folks don't have a problem with hearing and seeing things like violence, bloodshed, and sex on television, so why would they have an issue with someone talking about their faith?

A lot of times people's resentment for organized religion comes from someone they've met in their lifetime who did something wrong or dumb in the name of religion, and they can't seem to forget about it, so they'll think all people of that particular faith are either wrong or dumb too--but that's a harmful generalization to make.

As far as Cameron Bure, who also said she wasn't going to wear any outfits that were too sexy, she's been dealing with being in Christian in Hollywood for quite some time, but she doesn't find it difficult because she knows exactly what she will and won't do, said the actress.

"It's very difficult to be a Christian in Hollywood," she said in a past interview. "Although it's easy to just say no. That's my choice and I can always say no. I have an easy out or an easy answer if I ant it to be easy."

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