Candace Cameron Bure's Kids Love "Full House"

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Candace Cameron Bure and her Full House co-star Andrea Barber (aka Kimmy Gibbler) opened up recently about their time on Full House.

The two, who were filmed at Candace Cameron Bure's house in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades neighborhood, were more than happy to share about their friendship and how they have kept it going all these years.

"I think we value friendships. And it's true: I can't look at any other show and see the casts that are still hanging out and are as tight as we are," Candace Cameron Bure, 38, said of the Full House crew. Of Barber, she added, "I think being moms really brought us closer together."

That will do it. There's nothing quite like going through motherhood to bring women together in a special way! Candace Cameron Bure knows it.

Candace Cameron Bure's kids, daughter Natasha, 16, and sons Lev, 14, and Maksim, 12, as well as their classmates, are all fans of Full House,.

I guess there's a 90's revival going on?

Candace Cameron Bure even revealed that her stardom in her childhood helped her son, Maksim, make friends in a situation where it's nearly impossible for anyone to make friends--middle school.

She said when Maks (Maksim) first started middle school, he had a hard time making friends. "And then one day he came in the car and I said, 'How was your day today?'" Candace Cameron Bure recalled. "And he was like, 'It was great...Everybody found out you're my mom, and you were D.J. on Full House, and now everybody wants to be my friend!'"

Even Andrea Barber's daughter is a fan of Candace Cameron Bure's. Barber said,

"My daughter was so excited to come here today and to meet Candace. And I'm like, 'You've already met Candace!' But this is the first time she's seen Candace since she became a fan of the show."

It's so great that Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber were real life friends and actually kept it going into adulthood! Congrats to the two of them.

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