Canadian Man Convicted Of Bestiality Gives 'Walk The Dog' New Meaning


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When joining the SCPA, either as an employee or volunteer, you're generally expected to prevent the abuse of animals. For one New Brunswick resident, he used his status as a volunteer to get close to the animals without raising suspicion.

CBC reports that Anthony Volgmann, a 30-year volunteer with the Canadian SPCA, pled guilty to charges of bestiality and corrupting morals. Volgmann was found to have had performed sexual acts with dogs under his care during his time as a dog walker between January and September in 2013. He also posted pictures of his acts online which resulted in the corrupting morals charge.

As it turns out, he was actually caught thanks to those pictures he was posting online. An America SPCA member spotted Volgmann's pictures on a bestiality Web site and notified the authorities in Canada. Volgmann was identified, arrested and subjected to a psychiatric test before standing trial.

At the sentencing, Volgmann avoided jail time on the grounds that his crimes were non-violent. Instead, he will face two years of probation and must attend psychological counseling. Obviously, he will not be allowed anywhere near dogs or places where dogs congregate. Finally, he is also banned from using any electronic device that's connected to the Internet unless it's related to work or if he's under supervision.

Volgmann should be glad that he wasn't in Kenya. The average conviction there is six to 10 years. They even make you stand trial before the victim.

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