Canadian Athlete Receives Criticism for Selfie


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Russian president Vladimir Putin dropped by the USA and Canada Houses in Sochi on Friday. The visit from the president generated plenty of attention from the Olympians within his presence. It's no surprise that the Olympians began snapping photos since they all have been documenting their times in Sochi.

However, one athlete took it upon herself to snap a selfie with the president.

That's right, Speedskater Brittany Schussler took a snapshot of her and Putin.

Schussler immediately took to Twitter, posting the recently snapped selfie along with a caption that read, "I should've asked him to be my Valentine."

Right after the tweet was posted for her followers, Schussler was met with loads of angry tweets. The criticism of the Putin selfie was so harsh, she ended up deleting the photo shortly after it was posted.

The speedskater even sent out a message to her followers, defending her previous actions.

It seems not everyone was offended by the pic, taking to Twitter to defend the Canadian speedskater.

So far Schussler hasn't made any further comments since she posted her apology to Twitter.

What do you think of the selfie Schussler posted? Did the Olympian cross a line? Leave your comments below.

Image Via YouTube