Camille Grammer Speaks About Her Abuse


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On Tuesday, Camille Grammer was granted a restraining order against her boyfriend, Dimitri Charalambopoulos, who attacked her in a Houston hotel room. Grammer had recently mentioned this relationship on "The Wendy Williams Show" while talking about her painful divorce from Kelsey Grammer.

The forty-five-year-old reality television star claims that her 6'2" fitness trainer boyfriend assaulted her on October 16th just days after undergoing a radical hysterectomy for the treatment of endometrial cancer.

Grammer detailed the chain of events related to the trauma. "He grabbed me by the hair, twisted it around his hand, and repeatedly pulled my head into the bed and its headboard. [He] succeeded in pulling out swaths of my hair and gave me a large, painful contusion on the side of my head. All the while, I was screaming for help."

The attack lasted for 40 to 60 minutes. Pictures of Grammer's face and wrist bruises as well as pieces of her ripped hair were used in the court filing. The restraining order granted by the Superior Court judge specifies that Charalambopoulos must stay at least 100 yards away from Grammer and both of her children (Mason and Jude) as well as avoiding contact.

Though Camille Grammer visited a doctor shortly after the attack to check for internal bleeding, there are other lingering concerns that haunt the beautiful blonde.

"I wake up at least twice per night with visions of his face as he was attacking me. I continue to fear for my safety and for the safety of my children," Grammer said.

[Image and Video Via YouTube]