Calvin Johnson Is Set To Break Another Lions Record

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Throughout his outstanding career, Calvin Johnson has performed on another level than that of other receivers. He has already broken several franchise records, and is now on course to break another one quite easily in their next game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

After seven season in the NFL, Calvin Johnson is ready to break the record for receiving yards, and only needs 40 more in order to break the record.

The current record is 9,174 yards, and is held by the former wide receiver, Herman Moore. Earlier this season, in week 10 against the Bears, Johnson broke another record of Moore's in touchdown receptions, surpassing his record of 62. Johnson now has 66.

In addition to Moore's touchdown record that was recently broken, Calvin Johnson already holds franchise record for receiving yards in a season (1,964), receiving touchdowns in a season (16) and receiving yards in a game (329).

Moore played for the Detroit Lions from 1991 to 2001, and Johnson has a lot of respect for the man, who he has been able to get to know better over the past year. Talking about the former receiver, he said "I’ve really gotten to know Herman more this year than in the past because he’s been around a lot. I’ve been outside the facility just hanging out with him. (He’s a) cool guy, much respect for him and everything he’s done here."

The Lions are currently ranked No.1 in the NFC North with a record of 7-5, and look to improve on that with their game against the Eagles on Sunday. As a receiver that gets over 100 yards and a couple of touchdowns in most of the games that he plays, it seems that it will be almost impossible for the Eagles to stop Calvin Johnson from breaking the record for receiving yards as a Lions wide receiver.

Arguably the best receiver currently playing the sport of football, Calvin Johnson has 9,135 yards, and ranks 50th among receivers in the history of the NFL in terms of receiving yards. Earning himself the nickname of "Megatron," the star player continues to make catches that seem almost inhuman.

He is widely respected by other players and fans around the league, and his fellow receivers especially look up to him. Nate Burleson, an older receiver on the team, spoke of the star player when saying "There’s nobody more deserving than Calvin. Herman can see it the same way. If you want somebody to break the record, having Calvin Johnson do it, in the most humble fashion a superstar can do it, he’s the right guy to break it."

Calvin Johnson has 1,299 yards going into Sunday's game against an Eagles team that is on a four-game winning streak. It is also an important game for the team to win in order to stay at the top of their division.

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