'Call of Duty: Ghosts" Gets Snoop Dogg's Voice

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On the surface, the Call of Duty franchise is a very serious military shooter series that focuses on intense multiplayer competition. Fans of the series, however, will know just how silly the franchise has become in recent years. The Zombies mode in Black Ops games has become progressively sillier since its debut and even Call of Duty: Ghosts now has some rather out-of-place cameos. The first Ghosts DLC pack included a Halloween-inspired Michael Myers skin for players and the latest DLC includes a similar Predator-themed skin.

Today Activision announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be taking the series to a new level of silliness. The publisher has revealed that Snoop Dogg himself will be lending his voice to Ghosts.

As part of Call of Duty: Ghost's new "Voice Packs" DLC add-on content players will soon be able to put Snoop Dogg's voice into their game. The voice pack will bring Snoop Dogg's voice to narrate ongoing multiplayer action, call in killstreaks, and announce other in-game events.

The voice pack was previewed in a video released today on the Call of Duty YouTube channel. Snoop Dogg's quips include phrases such as "Squad member active, a brother from another mother," and "Don't stop, cap 'em and shank 'em."

The Snoop Dogg voice pack is part of a larger list of "Personalization Packs" add-on that will be released via Xbox Live on April 22. The add-ons will also come to PlayStation consoles and PC at a later date. The Snoop Dogg voice pack will cost $3.

In addition to Snoop Dogg's voice another add-on will be a drill instructor voice pack voiced by R. Lee Ermey.

The list of upcoming add-ons also includes the "Soap Legend Pack" (includes Captain John "Soap" MacTavish personalizations), the "Classic Ghost Pack" (includes the Ghost mask), the "Squad Pack for Extinction mode (includes heads and uniforms for characters), and six new weapon customization packs.

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