'Call of Duty: Ghosts' AI Squads Previewed in New Video

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The release of Call of Duty: Ghosts is just weeks away. Call of Duty fans fed-up with Grand Theft Auto Online will be able to jump back into some working multiplayer gaming at that point.

While the multiplayer in Ghosts is set to be nearly identical to the action that fans know and love from previous games, there are some tweaks that will change the experience. Female soldiers will change the tone of the game slightly, as will "dynamic" maps where certain terrain will change over time.

Activision and developer Infinity Ward also today showed off the new "Squads" modes for Ghosts. The multiplayer mode will allow players to wade into combat with a squad of their own pre-customized AI teammates. Players will be able to battle each others' squads, or groups of players can take on a fully-AI squad on their own. The XP earned in Squads modes will still contribute to each player's multiplayer rank, so it appears that Squads may soon become a way for players to grind up their levels against computer-controlled opponents.

A trailer for the mode released today shows off the various Squads modes included in Ghosts. A horde mode against the AI is included, and player-created squads can be battled even when those players are offline.

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