California Mayor's Husband Suspected of Dealing Meth

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Ruben Guerrero, 44, husband of Montebello, California mayor Christina Cortez, was arrested early Thursday, after being spotted by sheriff's detectives selling crystal meth near a middle school. Guerrero was booked on suspicion of methamphetamine and narcotics sales near a school. He remained in jail late Thursday, with bail set at $60,000.

Mayor Cortez said she is "very disappointed and, like everyone else, shocked." She added, "I would urge everyone and the public to let this investigation take its course. As a mother, as a daughter and as an elected official, I have supported the education of understanding the dangers of drugs. Thursday's events will not change that."

In related meth news, Sir Anthony Hopkins, star of 1997's underrated and oft-overlooked "The Edge," recently penned a congratulatory letter to "Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston.

Meanwhile, Guerrero was nabbed at around 6 a.m., as he was leaving the home he shares with Cortez. He was spotted dealing near Montebello Intermediate School, not far from his property. Guerrero had been under investigation for over a month before his arrest, and has been described as a small-time dealer, and used his house with the mayor as his base of operation.

Mayor Cortez was at home with the kids when authorities served her with a search warrant. The house where Cortez' 89-year-old grandmother lives was also served with a warrant. Guerrero was the only suspect implicated.

Guerrero had been convicted of a DUI in 1999, and in September, 2012, the Montebello Fire Department investigated a "suspicious" fire that burned Cortez's Chevrolet Suburban. Coincidentally, the red phosporus used in cooking meth is highly flammable.

Montebello Councilman Frank Gomez requested a restraining order against Guerrero earlier this year, claiming that Guerrero had made threats against him, though the order was denied in January.

It's not clear if Guerrero's wife's standing as mayor can help him out of a tricky dealing-meth-near-a-middle-school charge.

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