Byron Scott Fired as Cavs Head Coach


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The Cleveland Cavaliers announced today that the organization has fired Head Coach Byron Scott.

Scott took over as head coach of the Cavs in 2010, just before LeBron James left for the Miami Heat. Scott's first season with the organization ended with a dismal 19-63 record, which included an NBA record 26-game losing streak. During his career with the Cavs, Scott coached the team to a 64-166 record.

“I want to thank Chris Grant, Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers organization for the opportunity I had to coach this team the last three seasons," said Scott. "I am certainly proud of the progress that many of our players have made and greatly appreciate the dedication of my coaches and our team in our efforts to attain the success we all desired.”

The Cavaliers have not named a replacement for Scott, but have announced that they intend to "immediately commence a search" for a head coach.

“I fully support the difficult move that was made today," said Dan Gilbert, the majority owner of the Cavs. "Although we saw progress with young individual player development, we did not see the kind of progress we expected on the team level this past season. We understand it was challenging with the injuries, but when you are at our stage in the building process, you don't only measure team progress in wins and losses.

"Our fans have been incredibly loyal and supportive during these transition years. They deserve better than we have been delivering as of late and it is our full intent to deliver them the kind of competitive team that they expect to see on the court beginning next season."

(Image courtesy Erik Drost/Wikimedia Commons)