Businesses Harness Social With SocialChorus

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SocialChorus is a company that matches brands with social influencers who can help them sell what they have to offer.

"Social media has democratized the power of influence, and accelerated the growth of social influencers," said Gregory Shove, SocialChorus Founder and CEO. "Brands are unable to effectively keep up, and need a better solution to collaborate with these influencers. The days of marketers managing influencers with spreadsheets and phone calls are over; technology is required to deliver the engagement, scale, and efficiency brands need to succeed."

The company has a five-year history of Influencer Relationship Marketing. The experience of managing over 200 global influencer activation campaigns empowered them to develop the technology to automate the IRM process and rebrand as SocialChorus. Over twenty-five fortune 500 clients have already signed on to build their own branded influencer networks using the SocialChorus platform.

Joe Burton was brought on board to drive the launch of the new platform and build the client services organization. "I'm excited. As social activity explodes, brands and agencies have learned that manually managing influencer-marketing programs is time consuming, costly and not scalable. In automating the IRM process, our platform frees marketers to focus on strategy, driving social actions, and creating mutually beneficial relationships with influencers. The IRM possibilities are now only limited by their creativity," said Burton.

SocialChorus allows influencers to team up with brands and create something powerful. Influencers use the SocialChorus IRM platform to gain access to branded social currency and content to share with their followers. Brands receive real-time metrics with the ability to track everything from social actions, to earned media value and brand influence.

"We believe that the relationship between the influencer/superfan and the brand is one that should be developed and nurtured. Our software provides a white-labeled solution where 100% of the relationship and marketing value accrues to the brand and their influencers directly. We think that several marketing disciplines, from Public Relations to Social Marketing and Word-of-Mouth will see immediate ROI from deploying our software," said Shove.

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