5 Benefits of Using VoIP for Small Teams

There are many benefits when it comes to using VoIP for small teams. Take a look at some of the examples below....
5 Benefits of Using VoIP for Small Teams
Written by Brian Wallace
  • No matter how big or small your team is, you rely on certain devices and technologies for your communication needs. If you have a physical office, you probably have desk phones with extensions, or you might be allowing everyone to use their personal cell phone for work.

    Whether your team is in-house or remote, using a voice over IP (VoIP) phone service will provide you with far more benefits than using landlines or even individual cell phones. 

    Here’s what you need to know about this technology and how you’ll benefit.

    1. VoIP supports better call quality

    If there’s one thing you can’t afford to skimp on, it’s call quality. Consistently poor audio can make clients stop working with you out of frustration, and it can really put a damper on your customer support experience.

    Most of the time, calls on landlines are decent, but this aging technology won’t be around forever. Plus, you don’t just need good call quality for one-on-one calls. You need superior quality for voice conferencing with multiple participants who may not have clear quality on their landlines. 

    If everyone is using a VoIP phone service, the audio from each caller on your conference calls will be of high quality. Everyone will be able to understand what’s happening on the call, and your team and client meetings will be much smoother.

    2. VoIP enables better customer support

    Being able to provide top-notch customer support is essential, and VoIP makes that easier with several unique features, especially call routing. When a customer calls your support number, and you’re using a VoIP phone service, they will be presented with an automated message asking them to push a specific button to be transferred to their preferred department. With this in place, you never have to have someone available to answer and transfer every call. The entire routing process is automated.

    With call routing in place, you can hire a team of support pros located anywhere in the world, and all of your customer’s calls will be automatically routed to the appropriate person. This makes it easier to provide amazing customer support because customers won’t have to wait to be transferred, and they can get the help they need fast.

    Another useful customer support feature you get with VoIP is the ability to forward calls to cell phones, which means your customer support team can take calls anytime, anywhere.

    Making sure your customers are taken care of quickly and efficiently will help you get more positive, 5-star online reviews, and those reviews will, in turn, help potential customers make the decision to do business with you.

    3. Landlines are being deprecated

    One of the best reasons to switch to VoIP is to avoid getting caught in the dust when landlines finally disappear forever. Currently, existing landlines are required to be serviced, but providers are no longer required to provide new landline services even if the infrastructure already exists. Many providers are simply not offering landlines at all, and soon those companies won’t have any landline customers left.

    If you have landline services currently, there will come a time when you will have to give up that technology in favor of VoIP. You can get ahead of the game by making the switch now and avoid the hassle of having to scramble at the last minute when you have no other choice.

    4. VoIP is cheaper

    For most small teams, VoIP will be cheaper than traditional landlines and cell phones. If you don’t mind your team taking calls on their personal devices, you can simply assign everyone an extension number and forward calls to their cell. You can also do this with company-assigned devices if that’s how you prefer to operate.

    With a Cloud-based VoIP phone system, the only thing you need is a broadband internet connection for your company network. You can buy desk phones if you want, but they’re not necessary when your team is using cell phones.

    5. VoIP brings remote teams together

    All of the features discussed so far are applicable to remote teams. If you have people on your team who work spread out across the country or even the world, they can take their business line with them anywhere. They can work from home, in an office, or from a coffee shop and still have access to their business line to answer and make calls.

    VoIP is ideal for small businesses

    Support your small business by adopting voice over IP (VoIP) phone services. Your team and your customers will benefit, meaning a bigger bottom line.

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