Firefox Lockwise
Mozilla Pulling the Plug on Firefox Lockwise

Mozilla is killing off its Firefox Lockwise password manager, with the end-of-life (EOL) date set for December 13, 2021.

Apple Park Headquarters
Apple Sues NSO Group Over Pegasus Spyware

Apple has sued NSO Group, as well as its parent company, in an attempt to hold it responsible for the Pegasus spyware incident.

business templates
5 Reasons Templates Can Skyrocket Your Productivity

If your company isn’t currently using templates for routine communications, you might want to rethink…

Earth Internet - Image by Pete Linforth
The Internet Is Broke: Almost Every Major Site Experiencing Outages

The majority of high-profile sites are experiencing outages Tuesday afternoon, with no indication what the cause is.

T-Mobile 5G Icon - Credit T-Mobile
T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G Now Covers 200 Million People

T-Mobile has reached its goal of covering 200 million people with its Ultra Capacity 5G by the end of 2021.

trusting wfh workers
AI Helps Restore Trust Between Employers and WFH Workers

In the last 24 months we’ve seen enormous changes to our lives. Our work, our…

COVID-19 Vaccine - Image by Wilfried Pohnke
Unvaccinated COVID Patients Will Pay Their Own Bills In Singapore

The Singapore government is tired of footing the bill for unvaccinated COVID-19 patients, and will soon force them to pay their own medical bills.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Mac Transitioning To Our Own Apple Silicon
Tim Cook: ‘We’re Not Against Digital Advertising’

Tim Cook has set the record straight that Apple is not against digital advertising, it simply wants to give consumers more control.

Huawei News
’Huawei Loophole’ Closed, Huawei and ZTE Cut Off From All Licensing

US President Joe Biden has signed the Secure Equipment Act into law, preventing Huawei and ZTE from obtaining telecom licenses.

Toshiba Announces Plan to Split Into Three Companies

Toshiba is the latest company splitting up, with plans to split into three separate companies.