Bus Driver Attack Caught On Video In New York

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A bus driver in Long Island was attacked while the passengers recorded the attack, never once stopping to help or even call 911.

Witnesses said that another passenger went ballistic, punching and hitting the female bus driver, even though she had a young child by her side. The reason? She missed her stop.

A few of the passengers filmed the attack on their phones, but nobody helped the bus driver, nor did they call for help.

ABC News reports that around 30 passengers were onboard a Franklin, NY bus when the attack took place. The passenger threw a bottle of water at the driver, cursed her out, and then started punching and wailing on her.

During the attack, two people did take out their phones, but they used them to record the attack on video.

The bus driver described the attack to local WABC News on Tuesday.

"I still had my foot on the brake. I didn't even have my emergency brake on, so any minute, I could roll, and I could hit a building or something. And they didn't even care about me. Nobody even care about me."

Witness Anthony McLaughlin says because the driver missed her stop, "she attacked her, she threw punches."

Adding that he felt the tension and knew things were going to escalate, so he started recording the confrontation with his smartphone.

"I used my iPhone. I knew it was going to pop off because she said when she stopped she was going to hit her. And, she started attacking her, it was kind of crazy," McLaughlin said.

After the incident, the angry assaulter grabbed a little girl's hand and walked off the bus.

The ironic part of this entire crazy scene is that the bus driver never missed the stop; the passenger didn't realize she'd gotten on an express bus.

Police are looking for her to speak with her, although she's not been seen since. If you have any information, please call CrimeStoppers in Nassau County at 1-800-244-TIPS.

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