Bunnies Attacking Cars In Airport Parking Lot

Amanda CrumLife

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Bunnies are usually pretty docile creatures, so when you see a news story that begins with "Bunnies Attacking", it either brings to mind cheesy horror movies or a terrifying image of cute animals rising up to take over.

But the bunnies at Denver International Airport are just trying to stay warm, apparently, and keep their teeth sharp while they're at it. Officials say they're dealing with a massive rabbit problem in the parking lot there now that the animals have discovered warm spots beneath the vehicles. Extended stays in their little hideouts lead to them chewing on the wiring beneath the cars, causing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“I see at least dozens every morning. They go hide under the cars and the cars are warm,” said airport shuttle driver Michelle Anderson.

Airport authorities have taken to some unconventional means to get rid of the bunnies, including sending motorists to local mechanics to have the wiring coated in coyote urine. They say the smell of a predator will keep the little furry guys away. For those keeping their cars in the lot, it's on their own heads if a rabbit destroys the wiring in their car; most insurance companies won't cover it, and officials at the airport say that parking permits clearly state they aren't responsible for damage done to the cars while they're parked there.

Amanda Crum
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