Bullied Bus Monitor Receives Over $200K In Donations

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This is quite an amazing story. Yesterday a video went viral of Karen Klein, 68 of Greece New York, getting bullied while on the job as a bus monitor for a bunch of middle schoolers. Here is the video and I must warn you, It is very graphic and it will break your heart when you see how brutal and malicious these kids are:

So there you go, someone saw this video on Facebook and downloaded it to Youtube so the world could see how these terrible kids were treating this wonderful lady. One person who saw this video is Reddit user Max Sidorov of Toronto, Canada. The Ukrainian immigrant decided that he wanted to try to give Karen the vacation of a lifetime, so he put a project up on Indiegogo. The project had a goal of sending Karen on the vacation of a lifetime but only if they were able to hit the $5,000 goal that was set.

Well the project and the video and everything about it went viral. Now the project has 30 days left to get the necessary funding of $5,000 and it sits currently at a whopping $200,000!!!! In the hour that I spent researching and writing this article, the total rose from $180,000 and I fully expect it to skyrocket over the $250,000 mark.

There was a little bit of a controversy as some people were wondering how Karen was going to get the funds since the account was made by Max and they were worried that he was going to take the money and run. “People are still accusing me of taking the money to run with,” Sidorov told Mashable. “So until I get Karen’s PayPal, its just indiegogo’s payment system for now.”IndieGoGo has now come forward to say that they will make sure that all of the money goes towards Karens fund.

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