Bryan Cranston Breaks Good, Supports Gay Marriage [VIDEO]

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Bryan Cranston is best known nowadays for his award-winning portrayal of Walter White, a man torn between a benevolent nature he once had and the malevolent creature that his decision have forced him to become.

But when it comes to marriage equality, he's not really torn at all.

As part of the Human Rights Campaign's "American's for Marriage Equality USA" initiative, Cranston has filmed a pro-gay marriage PSA with his wife and daughter.

"Gay and lesbian couples should have every right to experience the joys of marriage and family that we do. Please join us and the majority of Americans who support marriage equality," he says.

Don't be thrown off by the fact that he's still rocking the Walter White look. Check it out below:

Here's the message from the HRC about this initiative:

Love. Honor. Commitment. Three simple words. They are the words that gay and lesbian couples feel in their hearts when they make a commitment to each other. That’s why the Human Rights Campaign believes that same-sex couples should be able to get married. Our campaign, Americans for Marriage Equality, is sparking a national conversation about the power of love, fairness and equality.

Supporting marriage equality apparently isn't a tough choice for Bryan Cranston. But I'm sure that Walter White is going to have to make plenty of tough choices when the final season of Breaking Bad debuts on Sunday night. Both of these things make me happy.

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