Bryan Adams And Justin Bieber Remake 'Baby' In Unlikely Duet

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Justin Bieber’s hit “Baby” is one of his major hits but it is also one of the most disliked video on Youtube, with 5 million dislikes from viewers.

However, it is still the song that marks Bieber’s beginnings as a music superstar.

But will listeners still respond negatively to new version featuring Bryan Adams?

Bryan Adams and Justin Bieber performed a surprise duet of  “Baby” at the Universal Inside 2015 conference in Berlin on September 15. It was like a combination of two genres.

Unlike Bieber’s version with rapper Ludacris, his acoustic version with Adams is a slower, raw version of the song. It’s not the sweet, young version anymore but a more matured ballad that is far from the versions Bieber did in his past performances.

Bieber had a lot of hits already, and he also did other renditions of his other hits, but this is the first time he made an acoustic rendition of “Baby” and with Adams joining him, it's indeed a special one and nothing like any other renditions we've heard before.

Bieber also has an acoustic version of “What Do You Mean” that his fans will get to hear once its original version is streamed enough on Spotify.

Bryan Adams will be releasing his new album called Get Up this October, and Justin Bieber will also have his upcoming album this November. Both Adams and Bieber were there to promote their music at the conference.

Could Adams and Bieber do an album or hit together?

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