Bruce Jenner Sends Flowers To Kris For Mother's Day


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Bruce Jenner has had a rough few months. As with most celebrities, he is constantly hounded by the paparazzi and haunted by rumors. So far, he's been able to push these things aside and move on with his life, but it seems like there's one thing he can't move on from, his relationship with Kris Jenner.

Kris and Bruce split up months ago but the two have remained close friends and still spend time together. Although Kris insisted that their separation was a joint decision, it didn't seem as if Bruce was too happy with it.

On Mother's Day, Bruce sent Kris flowers. The flowers were likely just a kind gesture from Bruce and a way to thank Kris for raising their children, but it also could have been an attempt to remind Kris of what she left behind.

Kris was appreciative of the flowers and even shared a photo of them on Instagram and captioned it with a thank you to Bruce and an "I love you".

Kris has supported Bruce during the hard times since the break up. She was quick to jump to his defense when rumors that he was having a sex change began to swirl. Bruce had planned to have his Adam's apple shaved, and many people suggested that it was because he was planning to turn into a female.

Around the same time, Bruce grew out his hair. This only added fuel to the fire and the rumors continued. Bruce claimed that he had no plans for a sex change and that he had not grown his hair out as a reaction to his breakup with Kris.

The Kardashian/Jenner family has stayed close since the split and will all soon be attending Kim Kardashian's wedding. Bruce will not only be attending the wedding, but will also be walking Kim down the aisle.

Many people hope that Kris and Bruce will get back together one day, but until then they seem content with their friendship.

What do you think about their relationship?

Image via Wikimedia Commons