Bruce Jenner Given Award By Kris Jenner


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Bruce and Kris Jenner seem to be getting along surprisingly well considering they announced their separation back in October. Kris even presented Bruce the Legendary Athlete Award during the closing ceremony of the All Sports Film Festival on Monday, November 11.

Bruce says that even though they do not live together (he has a house in Malibu and Kris remains in their home in Calabasas) they "get along great!"

"I was actually over at the other house today and there were like 20 people over at the house and I’m thinking, 'I've got a nice quiet and peaceful place in Malibu, but yeah it works great and my kids come and its all good,'" Bruce said after accepting his award.

He continued the interview by talking about how disappointing it is that his children never got to see "their dad take on the world." "I keep thinking to myself, 'Thank God I was able to pull it off and move on.' Now that I’m older I realize that it’s not that easy to win that thing." Although his children never got to see him compete, except in YouTube videos, several of them, including Kendall, Kylie, and Brandon Jenner, were at the awards ceremony to support their father.

"That's always been a disappointment that they didn't see their dad when he was 26, taking on the world," Bruce said. "But you know that’s the way life is! I'm glad they are here tonight," he added.

Bruce was also sporting a new look at the event: a ponytail! Why the change in style? Bruce says he's just excited that he is in his 60s and still has hair to grow. “I turned 64 two weeks ago and that I still have hair to grow! I’m celebrating, yeah!…It’s driving them all crazy! It’s absolutely wonderful.”

Image via Twitter