Brooke Hogan Should Have Thrown Hulk Out "Like The Trash", He Says

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Brooke Hogan was apparently at the center of dad Hulk's racist tirade--which was caught on tape and recently released to the public--in 2006, but during his televised apology, Hogan says she never wavered in her support of him.

Hulk Hogan reportedly ranted and used racial slurs during a conversation about Brooke's then-boyfriend, which he says was taped without his knowledge. In an interview with Good Morning America, Hogan said on Monday that he's not racist and would love another chance to perform with WWE, which kicked him out unceremoniously after the tapes were published by the National Enquirer.

"I'm not a racist, but I never should have said what I said. It was wrong. I'm embarrassed by it. But a lot of people need to realize you inherit things from your environment ... I grew up in south Tampa ... the word was just thrown around like it was nothing," Hogan said.

Hulk said in the interview that his daughter should have been ready to kick her out of her life after the incident, but she remained by his side faithfully through it all.

“For me to vent and be so angry at her, she should have been the one — she should have been the one to throw me out like the trash. But instead, she showed me more love than anybody...She’s been so supportive… she instantly said ‘I don’t even need to forgive you’ cause I’m not mad at you. I love you. You’re my dad.’ ”

Meanwhile, Brooke Hogan has been busy with her music career after busting onto the country scene with her hit single "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend". Brooke says that creating songs is just as good as therapy for her.

"I'm using my writers as my therapists. I might as well lay down on the couch and be like 'These are my problems today'," she said.

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