Brooke Burke: Cancer Surgery Went Well

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Brooke Burke-Charvet recently revealed that she was suffering from thyroid cancer and took to a parenting blog to talk about what the diagnosis meant, and how she was dealing with it.

“I’m going to make a positive out of this negative thing. I am going to be a really good patient and I am going to do everything I need to do,” she said. “Doctors say that this is a ‘good kind of cancer to have.’ That sounds so crazy. But my doctor did tell me that this is a happily ever after ending kind of thing.”

Burke-Charvet faced her surgery on Wednesday and tweeted to fans afterward to reassure them of her condition.

The "Dancing With The Stars" host says she has high hopes for a full and speedy recovery and said she's been "amazed" at the support from women who have had similar surgeries.

"Im amazed at how many women have stopped me In the past month to share their thyroid scars & stories. They're beauty marks & so reassuring," she said.

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