Broncos Male Cheerleader Sacha Heppell Fails To Be First Man Ever On The Squad

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"I am not your typical Broncos cheerleader," says Sacha Heppell. "I dont wear makeup, my legs are hairy, I don't have boobs, I've never been to college...I've only been dancing for about three weeks. But I really do think I have what it takes"

That was said a little over a month ago in a video he posted to YouTube. Over the weekend, he got his chance to prove himself.

Unfortunately for Heppell, he didn't have what it takes this year. He was cut after the first round of tryouts. His bid to be the first ever male Denver Broncos cheerleader is over - for now.

Heppell, a Colorado native, was up against 200 women - so the odds were stacked against him from the beginning. Many football fans will tell you that cheerleaders are one of the best parts of the stadium experience, and I'm guessing that most of those fans would prefer the cheerleader had shaved legs.

"It's huge. I'm excited - totally thrilled. No male has ever made it through auditions. I don't even know if a male made it to the auditions," he said before the tryouts.

Turns out, Denver Broncos cheerleading auditions are open call. Check out the video below to see how his audition went:

As for the future?

"Well, I'm going to practice. Practice, practice, practice. I might even send some of my kids out there. But it's not an easy thing to become a Broncos cheerleader, I have to tell you that." he told Denver's Westword blog.

Legitimate dream? Media stunt? Either way, it's a pretty funny story.

As you can see, many of the female cheerleading hopefuls were supportive of Heppell's goals. What do you think about a male NFL cheerleader? Let us know in the comments.

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