Broncos Game Stabbings Might Not Be Game-Related


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Some people may have taken the Broncos at home defeat to the Chargers too personally in a bizarre turn of events. As fans were leaving the stadium, several of men became mixed up in a confrontation that resulted in multiple stabbings. Denver police have confirmed three individuals were hospitalized due to stab wounds. One of the men was said to be in critical condition. There are also reports of a possible fourth victim, but no one has been identified as of yet. The three men thought to be responsible for the attack are in police custody.

The incident was first reported a few minutes before 10:00PM. The authorities are continuing to interview witnesses in an attempt to figure out exactly what lead to the bloody encounter.

Says Denver police spokesman Sgt. Steve Warneke, "Detectives will be interviewing people throughout the night, trying to sort out who did what." Stadium officials had promised in an official statement that they will work with authorities to "gather more information" regarding the incident.

Even though the mystery surrounding the confrontation has yet to be revealed, there is good reason to assume it's crazy sports fans acting out.

In September at a 49ers game, a man was hospitalized following a fight that allegedly stemmed from his having urinated on another man's car. During the same game a woman claimed to have been attacked by a rival female fan. One of the more memorably chilling fan encounters occurred about a decade ago, where a man was shot and killed over a disagreement involving baseball teams.

In fact, fan violence over sports is increasingly the norm these days. There are few things that bring passions higher than sports, but at some point, one has to take a step back. Is a favorite team really worth spilling the blood of a total stranger? Is it worth spending the rest of your life in jail?

These are likely questions the apprehended are asking themselves right now, if it turns out to have been yet another pointless fan confrontation. The truth of the matter should be revealed in the coming days.

Image: Denver Broncos Official Facebook